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A Game of Thrones Review: “A Little Adrift”

I had intended to touch upon this in my actual review of Chapter 16, but it slipped my mind when I actually sat down to write the review.  In case anyone needs further evidence in support of my claim that the direwolf’s slaughter had almost no effect on the characters, I found a quote by the author about just that while making sure I hadn’t misremembered anything.
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Johnny sniffs his ex-fiancée's red dress.

Defining a Mary Sue

Now, I think people have a tendency to apply the term “Mary-Sue” to just about any character they dislike or find irritating.  A common summary of what constitutes a “Mary-Sue” is simply that a character is perfect, idealized, has no faults, or always does the right thing; I fervently believe this definition to be quite inaccurate.

For me, whether one is a Mary-Sue is not a question of perfection but one of accountability.  Sex also plays a substantial role in the equation.  To put it most simply, a Mary-Sue is a character who acts merely as a vessel through whom the author may live out their—often sexual—fantasies.
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With any luck not many people will have read my latest post, entitled Further Thoughts on A Game of Thrones: “A Little Adrift,” as I don’t think it was structured as well as it could be.  There were also a number of points I’d forgotten to mention, and I wasn’t really satisfied with the article.

Some things in my life have been a bit hectic over the last little while, and I think I published it before it was anywhere near ready.  I tried rearranging it while it was still up, but in the end I’ve decided to take the post down for revision until I’m happy with it.  I’ll be posting something else soon, and I’ll hopefully have the revision back up soon after that.