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On the Abuse of Copyright #WTFU

After Mr. Enter’s review of Norm of the North was unjustly flagged for copyright on YouTube, I decided to discuss the problem of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) abuse so as to make more people aware of this pressing issue.

Imagine if you made reviews for a living. Chances are that, assuming your reviews are videos, your job would be tied to YouTube, which means that you’ll never feel safe uploading a review despite that what you’re doing is perfectly legal. You’d be forced to live in fear of losing your videos—your livelihood—and even your whole channel to anyone who wants to make a quick profit off your work. Anyone who doesn’t like your reviews, such as the people who made the work you’ve critiqued, can take down your video with the click of a button—no questions asked.
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The hideous character design for Phil, the main character in The Nutshack.

The Nutshack Review

I hate this cartoon.  I hate it!  Let’s get that out of the way.  I knew I wouldn’t want to watch this more than once so I decided to write this review while watching this abomination of a cartoon.  If you’ve no aversion to profuse swearing, then you’re welcome to read the uncensored version.

It starts with a horrible rap theme that makes me want to slit my wrists.  I can’t distinguish the lyrics over the abhorrent instrumentation, but I can tell they’re bloody horrible!  I loathe this show!  I’ve only seen the title sequence, but I already hate everything to do with this show!  It just drones on, saying, “It’s the—nutshack!” over and over, punctuated by an insufferably high-pitched voice shouting “oh, yeah!” among other things.  Then it gets to the rap portion, and I generally can’t stand rap, but this takes it to a whole new low.  I can’t understand any of the lyrics other than “take—take a breavah—in my lungs—I got grapes…”  Screw this show.

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Bella Swan looking particularly cold.

Bella Swan: Sociopath or Psychopath?

As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve ever thought about it, the silent “p” in “psychopath” isn’t there just to confuse; the Ancient Greek letter “ψ” (called Ψι) represents the sound /ps/, which is used in the word “ψυχή,” which meant “soul” and was pronounced /pʰsyː.kʰɛ᷄ː/. “Psychopath” is derived from “ψυχή” and “πάθος” (suffering), and like many greek loanwords, the latin alphabet renders “ψ” as “ps.” I assume since /ps/ isn’t an especially easy way for non-greeks to begin a word, it therefore became just /s/ in other languages.
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