The main cast of the horrible television show Brickleberry

Brickleberry: How Can Anyone Like This Show?

I’d heard this cartoon was bad.  I’d heard it was just another stupid adult cartoon trying to pander to the same audience as Allen Gregory, Mr. Pickles, or King Star King.  Having actually watched it, I can honestly say that Brickleberry makes Allen Gregory look like Rick and Morty in terms of quality!

I don’t know exactly what I expected, but I remember it being somewhat similar to—though not quite as bad as—what I actually had to suffer through.  Brickleberry is just a poorly executed rip-off of Family Guy, which—in turn—is a horribly executed rip-off of The Simpsons, or perhaps Brickleberry’s a rip-off of some other rip-off of Family Guy, but it’s terrible in any case.

Another Bloody Rip-Off

The main cast of the horrible television show BrickleberryI know people say that the quality of Family Guy has decreased over the years, but I never liked that show.  Brickleberry, I repeat, is an inferior forgery thereof.  The majority of so-called “humour” is conveyed through cutaways, and it all consists of pathetic attempts to disgust or offend.  I say “attempts” because I was merely bored for the entirety of the two episodes I watched.  Although the animation is not glaringly unpleasant to look at, the characters are far from compelling.  Rape and bestiality jokes, cripple jokes, gross-out, and the like make up the majority of the show, mostly revolving around the insufferably bland Malloy the bear cub, a pathetic attempt to imitate South Park’s Eric Cartman despite lacking any of Cartman’s charm.

Dull Characters

Malloy isn’t the only flat character in the fictional Brickleberry National Forest, as each of the characters is really little more than an attempt to offend as many people as can be offended within its time-slot. None of the characters are in any way likeable, which seems very common whenever a show goes out of its way to boast of being “for adults.” One of the worst things about Brickleberry is that they all talk in a boring monotone, even when they should be screaming in agony; this makes the show feel unenergetic and removes any sense of importance the situations might have had. The show’s creators have said that Family Guy and South Park “paved the way” for them, and although I can definitely see Family Guy’s influence, this show is pitifully unworthy of being compared to South Park.

Just Plain Forgettable

It’s difficult even to say anything about this show, as it does nothing worthy of notice.  It isn’t even as bad as King Star King or even Mr. Pickles.  As horrible and tasteless as Allen Gregory is, it is at least worth mentioning when one discusses horrible cartoons because it isn’t as bloody forgettable as Brickleberry. Furthermore, at least Allen Gregory didn’t spend all its time on stupid flashbacks; at least its sick, twisted attempts at humour had something to do with telling a crappy story!  Brickleberry is essentially just Family Guy in a national park!

4 thoughts on “Brickleberry: How Can Anyone Like This Show?

  1. Interesting… I saw first 5 min – first scene made me chuckle but then it just kept on with “dirty” jokes and then gross out. Waste of good animation – possibly also waste of a potentially good character, Malloy.

  2. Hmm. I never heard of this show, but you do make it sound horrible! I will admit that I found some of Family Guy funny in the beginning, but it really got boring fast because it’s the same jokes time after time.

    Are there any other animated shows that you find interesting or appealing? I’d be curious to know what you do think are good shows. I see you praised South Park and the Simpsons and Rick & Morty, which are all good shows. Rick & Morty is actually my favorite animated show to date. I also really like Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Gravity Falls even though they’re not really “for adults”; they have humour that adults would find funny. I’ve actually never heard of King Star King, Allen Gregory or Mr. Pickles either. haha

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