A statue from Citadel's Ruins of Osgiliath set, painted brown.

Brown Masonry

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A statue from Citadel's Ruins of Osgiliath set, painted brown.
This statue from the Ruins of Osgiliath set has not been painted specifically to look like a part of that city of Gondor. Instead, I decided to paint it in a more generic manner, meaning it would look great anywhere, be it Gondor or Mordor (you probably wouldn’t actually see too many of these in the land of shadow but the colours don’t look out of place). I did this with a generally brown palette of paints, but I used the same style of painting stone as is seen here.

How I Painted It

I started as I always do with a black primer. I then basecoated the whole piece with Stormvermin Fur, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade to separate the exposed areas from the recesses. Next came a heavy drybrush of Steel Legion Drab, followed by a lighter highlight of Baneblade Brown. Note that I painted this before the release of the new paint system so I’m using the names of the modern equivalents.

The penultimate step is a light drybrush of either Ushabti Bone or Terminatus Stone (whichever suits your fancy) and is followed by a final, extremely faint, drybrush of either White Scar or Praxetti White. The white drybrush at the end is perhaps the most important thing to remember when painting stone. For some reason it makes it look totally real, so long as it is faint enough.

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