Frodo and Gandalf in Ralph Bakshi's rotoscoped cartoon.

Live Tweeting Bakshi’s “The Lord of the Rings“ Next Week

In September I live-tweeted my thoughts on the Rankin/Bass adaptation of The Hobbit.Frodo and Gandalf in Ralph Bakshi's rotoscoped cartoon.  In October I posted my full review, and on no other article have I ever worked harder.  I’ve said before that I will do the same with the rest of the makeshift cartoon trilogy—first Ralph Bakshi’s adaptation of the first half of The Lord of the Rings, then Rankin/Bass’s attempt at the final third: The Return of the King.  I’ve got another review scheduled for the tenth, and then next Saturday I’m going to watch Bakshi’s “The Lord of the Rings” and live-tweet my thoughts at #lotr78.

I apologize that I don’t have an exact time of day planned yet, but I’ll post an update on my website and all relevant social-media when I know more.  To make sure you don’t miss the live-tweeting, you can follow me on Twitter at @HM_Turnbull.

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