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H. M. Turnbull's Top 10 Worst Book-to-Film Adaptations

Top 10 Worst Book-to-Film Adaptations

H. M. Turnbull's Top 10 Worst Book-to-Film AdaptationsThere’s been some controversy concerning Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit, with some criticizing decisions such as making a three-part movie, the addition of original background characters, and many even pettier complaints.  Some have even gone so far as to say that it “wasn’t very true to the source material,” despite staying far truer to its source than almost any other adaptation has.  When I’ve listed the reasons for which these changes are all either insignificant or necessary to adapt the story to an utterly different medium, I’ve heard people retort that it was “the worst possible way to do it.”  As someone who has read and loved many books, so many of which have been horribly bastardized in film adaptations, I cannot help but wonder…  Have these people ever even seen a bad adaptation?

It is for this reason that I decided to compile a list of truly abhorrent adaptations, movies that actually did exactly those things of which Peter Jackson has been falsely accused, including earlier attempts to adapt Tolkien to the screen.  In fact, many of the films on this list go beyond even the craziest of accusations, and it’s hard to believe that some of these actually exist.  Rest assured, however, that these abominations do indeed exist, and rest assured too that they are all bloody awful!
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Why is the Princess Favoured Over the Queen?

I recently watched a Doug Walker (Nostalgia-Critic) video about the Disney princesses.  He said that he couldn’t put his finger on why princesses make one feel so uneasy until he saw Bridge to Terabithia, a dreadful film that ends with the brother being the king while his sister is a princess (all in their deranged fantasy, of course).  This made Walker realize that it’s not the role of a princess that causes unease, but the title itself: that boys are cast as kings but the girl is always a princess.  Why not a queen?

Indeed, queens in Disney movies are most often portrayed as malevolent.  Walker attributes this to an image of innocence and youth, power and responsibility but not too much power or responsibility.  I think there’s a better explanation for why children don’t seem to jump so readily at the mention of a queen, and it has a lot more to do with British history, and a lot less to do with an image of subservience. Continue reading Why is the Princess Favoured Over the Queen?