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Why is the Princess Favoured Over the Queen?

I recently watched a Doug Walker (Nostalgia-Critic) video about the Disney princesses.  He said that he couldn’t put his finger on why princesses make one feel so uneasy until he saw Bridge to Terabithia, a dreadful film that ends with the brother being the king while his sister is a princess (all in their deranged fantasy, of course).  This made Walker realize that it’s not the role of a princess that causes unease, but the title itself: that boys are cast as kings but the girl is always a princess.  Why not a queen?

Indeed, queens in Disney movies are most often portrayed as malevolent.  Walker attributes this to an image of innocence and youth, power and responsibility but not too much power or responsibility.  I think there’s a better explanation for why children don’t seem to jump so readily at the mention of a queen, and it has a lot more to do with British history, and a lot less to do with an image of subservience. Continue reading Why is the Princess Favoured Over the Queen?