Making a test base using Citadel Texture Paint.

Neled Herain Dan Caer Menig!

This post was migrated from my earlier blog:
Painting The Lord of the Rings Miniatures.

This post, although a bit late, marks yet another momentous occasion!  This blog has, as of now, received over ten thousand views!  For those of you who don’t know, that’s how many uruk-hai attacked the Hornburg in The Two Towers.  The title of this post means “Three hundred against ten thousand” and I thought it fitting for a milestone such as this.  Indeed, I remember when the blog had only received neled herain views, and now that it’s reached a number as great as caer menig, I have decided to publish a new guide on Snapguide.  This guide should prove useful if you are unsure about how to base your miniatures.

Check out How to Make a “Test Base” by Hamish Turnbull on Snapguide.

Furthermore, I have more news that’s possibly even more exciting, for I have begun work on an eBook about painting miniatures.  I’ll reveal more on this soon…

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