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Qui-Gon Jinn, a jedi who shouldn't exist, grabs the tongue of Jar Jar, who also shouldn't exist.

The True Horror of the Star Wars Prequels

The subjects of both of my posts thus far have been—at least indirectly—related to books; as it happens, they dealt with several attempts to adapt Tolkien’s work to the screen.  This post, on the other hand, is focused on a series of movies not based on a book.  Yes, I know the site’s tagline says, “thoughts on literature,” but “thoughts on literature, movies, radio plays, television, all other forms of storytelling, and the occasional thought on something else entirely” is a bit of a mouthful.

In any case, a new Star Wars movie premiered in theatres just recently.  Maybe I’ll watch it at some point, or maybe I won’t.  Either way, although the original Star Wars trilogy isn’t my favourite film series of all time, I do like it (the originals, of course—not the “special edition” abominations).  IV, V, and VI were all very well-made films; the characters, while not the most unique or original, were nonetheless well-shot, well-written, and well-defined.  The story structure—whether within a single instalment or across the arc of the trilogy—was solid and the plot was engaging.  Perhaps best of all were the actors who made all the characters memorable. Continue reading The True Horror of the Star Wars Prequels